Studio Composition Project - probably my favorite project to date

Saturday, June 12, 2021 by Sharon Hale | Composition

Probably my favorite project to date, and certainly the one I'm most proud of, is The Music Room Student Composition Project. This year for the first time in The Music Room's history, each student created a composition of their own, created their cover art, recorded themselves or used a midi recording, and I compiled it into a keepsake music book for each family to take home. The QR codes on the bottom of each composition take the listener to the recording, and of course each student can use the sheet music to play their friends' pieces as well! 

Students commented on how this project really helped them learn. One said it helped with his sight reading because in writing down his music, it really reinforced WHERE the notes go on the staff. Students also learned that music is made up of repeating patterns, and in order to make music that's pleasant to the ear, melody notes must be derived from the underlying chord and scale, and that the song needs to resolve to the "home note" to sound finished. 

This is a project that will DEFINITELY be repeated!


2021 Composition Project

Friday, April 2, 2021 by Sharon Hale | Composition

Parents - 

Your students and I are very excited about our latest project - we are each composing songs to be compiled into a "Music Room" book at the end of the year! Everyone composed the first section of their song before spring break, and we'll jump right back in with the second section next week. We're following this general path (see image attached) and I think you'll be blown away by what they're coming up with - super musical and very cool sounding, every one of them!