First Jam Session a Success!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 by Sharon Hale | Jam Session

Thank you to all who participated in The Music Room's first Jam Session!  What fun we had!  

We started the evening playing a couple of games (did the kids realize they were learning while playing??) - Rhythm Cups and Music Bingo. Then we shared some amazing cupcakes provided by piano mom Asi Vellekat (the woman is a secret baker!!). Next we spent some time taking turns trying to play simple songs by ear with another student accompanying with easy chord patterns. Finally, we had a free for all where each student took a turn playing a favorite piece, including a duet or two.  Ben added to the fun by bringing his Ableton Push and putting down a little rhythm to go along with some of the songs.

My favorite part of the night? When kids were packing up to go and a student said, "This was fun. When can we do it again?" 

Easy answer. April 25! Kids 11 and under from 7-8, 12 and older 8-9. I must have an RSVP (you can register directly on the website), though, because I learned from experience that 5-6 is about the max that will work in my small studio until I get the basement set up, so it will be first come, first served. There is no charge for this event....this is the FUN of music!