Fees and Policies

Lesson Fees

See below for payment options:
Monthly tuition for 30 minute lessons: $110
Monthly tuition for 45 minute lessons: $150

Fees include:  All books, subscriptions/apps for lab work in the studio, 32 private lessons, 4 group lessons, my time at Festival and Guild (Festival/Guild fees are separate, but my time is included), nursing home recitals, and the end of year recital.

Payment Options:

  • Full annual tuition payment (Due September 1)
  • Two semester payments of $480 for 30 minute lessons or $700 each for 45 minute lessons (Due 9/1 and 1/1)
  • 9 monthly payments of $110 (30 minutes) or $150 (45 minutes) each (Due the 1st of each month September through May)

*a 10% discount for siblings will apply

Computer Lab

A variety of software and apps are available for student use, teaching theory, composition, notation, music history, listening, etc.  Some will be employed during lessons, and sometimes a student will be given the opportunity to come in early/stay late to work on assignments (at no extra fee). 


Consistent practice = consistent growth. An average of practice 5 days a week is expected. If it’s clear practice isn't happening at home and that the lessons are a waste of your money and my time, the lessons may be terminated, but I'll be sure to discuss it with you first and endeavor to find strategies to motivate and encourage the student. Here are some suggested practice times by age range:

Age 6: 10-20 minutes per day

Age 8: 15-25 minutes per day

Age 10: 20-30 minutes per day

Age 12+: 30-45 minutes per day

Missed/Makeup Lessons

There will be NO REFUNDS for missed lessons, as this is an ANNUAL TUITION.  When possible, I love to provide makeup lessons, but this cannot be guaranteed.  I do provide several opportunities throughout the year (at no extra cost!) for jam sessions and ensemble practice, and these can also be used to help make up missed lesson time.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!