Fees and Policies

Lesson Fees

Annual tuition for weekly 30 minute lessons is $900 + $90 registration/book/tech/recital fee
Annual tuition for weekly 45 minute lessons is $1400 + $90 registration/book/tech/recital fee

Payment Options

30 minute lessons
10 monthly payments of $99 each 9/1 - 6/1 
2 semester payments of $495 each due 9/1 and 2/1 

1 annual payment of $990 due 9/1

45 minute lessons
10 monthly payments of $149 each 9/1 - 6/1 
2 semester payments of $745 each due 9/1 and 2/1 

1 annual payment of $1490 due 9/1

Fees include:  All books, subscriptions/apps for lab work in the studio, 32 private lessons, 4 group sessions (theory lessons, extra ensemble practices, jam sessions, or performance classes...we usually do many more than 4, but 4 are guaranteed in the tuition), my time at Festival and Guild (Festival/Guild fees are separate, but my time is included), nursing home recitals, and the end of year recital. 

Late Fee

Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month. Grace is given because life happens, but a $15 late fee will be applied if payment is not received by the 21st of the month. 

Missed/Makeup Lessons

There will be no refunds for missed lessons, as this is an annual tuition.  When possible, I love to provide makeup lessons if another time becomes available (such as another student's cancellation or swapping with another student) but this cannot be guaranteed. I do provide several opportunities throughout the year (at no extra cost!) for jam sessions, performances classes, ensemble practices, etc., and these can be used to help make up missed lesson time.  If for any reason I have to cancel a lesson myself, I will offer a make-up lesson at a different time, or if a suitable time cannot be arranged, I will refund the prorated cost. **NOTE: for 2018-2019 I have scheduled 2 more lessons than normal into the annual calendar because I expect to have some travel that I can't schedule yet. I plan to take two weeks off during the year without making these up since I have allowed for them in advance.**

Buddy Lessons/Apps & Tech Availability

Where possible, students of similar levels and ages will be scheduled back to back and asked to come for 15-20 minutes of overlapping lesson time to cover theory, technique and ensemble playing together, while keeping the private time to work independently on personal repertoire.   Games and a variety of software and apps are available for student use which teach theory, composition, notation, music history, listening, etc.  Some will be employed during lessons, and sometimes a student will be given the opportunity to come in early/stay late to work on assignments (at no extra fee). 

Practice Expectation

Consistent practice = consistent growth. An average of practice 5 days a week is expected. If it’s clear practice isn't happening regularly and that the lessons are a waste of your money and my time, the lessons may be terminated, but I'll be sure to discuss it with you first and endeavor to find strategies to motivate and encourage the student. Parental involvement and encouragement (no criticism!) will make a WORLD of difference!  Here are some suggested practice times by age range:

Age 6: 10-20 minutes per day

Age 8: 15-25 minutes per day

Age 10: 20-30 minutes per day

Age 12+: 30-45 minutes per day